Flat Drive Belts - Any Size

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Flatbelts worthy of crowning your pulleys

V-Belts for groovy pulleys


Prices below reflect lathe belts only.  All other belts require discussion and calculation to arrive at a custom belt for your application.

Our lathe belts are rubber with a nylon core.  We have found this material to work best for metal lathe belts. It is very strong, and will not stretch. You will not be chasing the tension as you would with leather and other materials.

View our detailed guide on how to measure your machine belt.

Lathe belt prices include your choice of a metal-laced belt with pin, or a complete glue kit” with skived belt, glue, brushes, and instructions to make your belt endless.

We suggest you have a block of wood & clamp to keep the belt in alignment during the gluing process.

Lathe Belt Prices                                                                                

1.00" wide to 70" long       $  55.50 (add $0.50/inch over 70")
1.25" wide to 70" long       $  65.50 (add $0.62/inch over 70")
1.50" wide to 70" long       $  75.50 (add $0.75/inch over 70")
1.75" wide to 70" long       $  85.50 (add $0.87/inch over 70")
2.00" wide to 70" long       $111.00 (add $1.00/inch over 70")
2.50" wide to 70" long       $133.00 (add $1.25/inch over 70")
3.00" wide to 70" long       $166.50 (add $1.50/inch over 70")

(Anything under 1" width is still priced at 1" width)

We use USPS priority with tracking to shop your lathe belt.

Up to 1.75" wide $10.00   2" to 3" wide $20.00