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Run direction is often specified on Flatbelts that contain a joint. Two popular joints used today are the metal laced joint that uses a connector pin and the glued joint.

In each case, the belt is to be run in the direction that reduces the likelihood of the belt joint catching on machine guarding or anything else. In a connector pin joint, one end of the belt will have one less staple than the other end.

This belt end will have the corners chamfered so that there are not sharp corners on the belt. Sometimes a belt might be run in either direction, in which case, all corners would be chamfered.

Also, care must be taken to make sure the connector pin is not too long. So that the connector pin stays in place, we include instructions that explain how to install the pin.

Belts made of leather usually have a glue joint about every 42 inches or so. When a leather belt is to be made with a connector pin joint, the joint is made to be consistent with the glue joints.

A belt with a glue joint is installed so that the point of the lap on the outside of the joint points away from the pulley it is approaching.