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For inquiries and orders, call (484) 755-4696 or  (484)507-4230 (8 to 8 EST)After initial phone inquiry, Email Us to forward any photos/other information.

Share the Love with an Al Bino Flatbelt


Is there something uniquely different and compelling behind that stack of metal or wood chips? Would you like to share your accomplishments in an altruistic manner with your fellow machinists?

Send us your photo(s) and a general description of your past or present winter “project”, and let’s drop some jaws and inspire others!

Email info@albinoindustrialbelting In the subject line type “project to inspire”.

When we post a submission, we will post them here under the heading of "projects to inspire". With your permission, we will use your first initial, last name, and the state in which you live.

Al Bino Industrial belting produces belts for countless applications from antique cars to high tech prototypes, and all things in between.

Al Bino Industrial Belting presents a salute to the glorious machines of the industrial age

It is our intent here to give you oldsters a wink (or high-five) and a walk down memory lane. However, if you are not quite old enough to appreciate “the good times”, we encourage you to weigh some benefits of going forward with what you see here. There is a growing cult, and a widening age bracket, who have done just that, and we are here to recognize them for their pursuits and accomplishments.

These are the machines that have stood the test of time, because they were produced in an era when shaving costs to the bone was not the primary objective, but getting the job done right with pride and principle was. Can anyone relate to how a speck of dust or broken wire in sensitive, complex, computerized machines of today result in considerable downtime/expense? Have you pulled your hair out to get a replacement part, or parts so integral to the machine if it is no longer made, you have a machine that is worthless? I will take a pass on welcoming you to the current era.

The dependable brutes we show here ask not much more than a squirt of oil to keep them chugging along. Enjoy the trip, and join the crowd!

Al Bino will act as the intermediary between persons we have posted a submission from and readers who view our picture sharing page wishing to make contact with the submitting individual. If the submitter wants to allow this, please type in the subject line “allow contact” at the time of your project submission. We value privacy, and we will check before releasing any email inquiries from readers concerning the submissions posted here.

Monarch Restoration (M. McKenna)

Monarch restoration

Gristmill Belt (R. Shull)

Gristmill Belt Roger Shull

Motorbike (B. Spiegel)

Bernie Motorbike

Gristmill (Arbaugh)

Gristmill by Arbaugh Nutter

BE20W Well Driller

BE20W Well Driller



Avey Drill Press (G. Bulatovic)

Avey Drill Press Bulatovic

Forge (B. Myers)

Forge Barry Myers blacksmith

Monarch (M. McKenna)

Monarch restoration

Danielle with her Velocipede Lathe

Velocipede Lathe With New Belt

S. Colburn

100 Years Old Leather Belt

David Johnson of Michigan

laced belt saw mill from albinoindustrialbelting

Treadle Lathe

Treadle Lathe D W Hays

Compliments of D.W. Hays
(Designed and built by D.W. Hays)

Colin at Roger's Woodturning

Colin Roger's Woodturning

Old Compressor Running Smooth
Using Custom Laced Nylon Flat Belt

Engine Lathe Converted To A
Spinning Lathe using a Flat Belt

International Harvester model LB Pumpjack
Using new Flat Belt from Al Bino Industrial Belting

Crusher Belt -Compliments of Jake at L-Con Industries (1 of 2)

Crusher Belt -Compliments of Jake at L-Con Industries (2 of 2)

South Bend 13" restoration